Catch Your Breath

A visually appealing, lightweight travelling exhibition built for researchers at Bristol University.

Designed to fill a large space yet pack down small to make it easy to transport. Science themed art by local artists displayed on large panels and an interactive media player. The panel design allows for flexible layout arrangements while it toured some alternative exhibition spaces.

Festival of Nature

The Festival of nature is an annual event attracting visitors from all over the country and inviting them to have fun while learning about all things nature. We have designed and built several models to help explain and engage in the science behind the nature. An interactive flood map of the local area, operate the pump and watch the water rise. More water but this time a working model of the human bladder and kidneys.

Microbiology at the Chelsea Flower Show

An exhibition stand at the Chelsea Flower Show all about the action of microbes in the soil and their positive benefits to gardeners and food producers. Planting is at head height so that visitors feel they are in the soil where all the action happens. Microscopes and root samples let visitors get hands on with the microbiology. Animations on interactive screens show the complex processes in an understandable and interesting way.

The Royal Horticultural Society awarded the stand a silver gilt medal.

Inside DNA

Inside DNA

Inside DNA is a touring exhibition all about DNA and the Human Genome Project. It has spent the last four years travelling around science centres and exhibitions across the UK. Find out more about DNA and about yourself, how much DNA do you have? how many people are just like you? Touch-screen computers blend with sculptural pieces and hands-on interactives to produce a colourful and inviting space packed full of information and interaction. I designed this set of interactives while working for At-Bristol as design manager then used a mix of in-house and external production to create this robust and engaging experience.