We The Curious

An interactive map combing art and science. Working with a local artist we created a map with hidden listening points. Using the handsets the visitor can move around the map and listen in to conversations of the local residents.

Digital coffee tables connected to Li-Fi, a light based Wi-Fi system based on tech from Bristol University. The tables pick up content from the net and display it on a video screen or curved LED panel

Xplore! Wrexham Science Centre

A fantastic, established science centre in a new central location complete with masses of new exhibits.

A decarbonising machine. Play a suite of games with a decarbonising theme. Controlled by a lever and wheel to give a machine feel


We created a large set of wave bars, at 7m long and 3m high they make a great visual impression in the main exhibition space, and some light exhibits in the dark space.






London Transport Museum

Untangling The Tracks

How do the miles of underground tunnels cross London and get the passengers where they need to be? We created some simple, hands-on interactive exhibits to help the visitor understand some of the many complex things that go on behind the scenes and under the ground

Hidden London

Find out more about the hidden history of  the dis-used underground stations of London. Test your skills as a wartime telephone exchange operator or try your hand at piecing tile fragments back together

Hidden London won the Temporary or Touring Exhibition of the Year category at the 18th annual Museums + Heritage Awards


London Transport at War

Discover how London kept moving during the war. A mix of interactive exhibits and real artefacts let you get up close and hands on.

Catch Your Breath

A visually appealing, lightweight travelling exhibition built for researchers at Bristol University.

Designed to fill a large space yet pack down small to make it easy to transport. Science themed art by local artists displayed on large panels and an interactive media player. The panel design allows for flexible layout arrangements while it toured some alternative exhibition spaces.

Ballycroy National Park

On the wild west coast of Ireland in beautiful scenery this visitor centre is a gateway to the national park. The existing exhibition has been in for a number of years and was due a refresh. We added some new interactive exhibits and repaired and enhanced some of the existing exhibits. Working with my Zebraproof we created a new interactive light pollution exhibit to explain and celebrate the Dark Sky status of the park and added digital, updatable mapping.

Interactives at ZSL London Zoo

London Zoo is one of the UK’s most popular tourist attractions and they like keep the visitor experience fresh. We have added hands on interactive exhibits to enhance the visitor experience at various new animal enclosures.

Minibeasts in the insect house. How do other creatures see compared to how we see?

The ranger’s hut is themed like a real hut deep in the Indian jungle. See how the rangers are trained then test yourself answering the lion hotline.

Are you stronger than a tiger or smarter then a lemur? Some simpler temporary exhibits designed to be fun to use, robust but easy to pack away.

Pirates, the exhibition

Pirates, the exhibition

An exhibition based around the Aardman Animations film ‘The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists’. The exhibition is filled with wonderful models and set work from the Aardman film. We designed, built and installed a number of the hands on interactives including a pirate ship driving game and some zoetropes where visitors can create their own animations. The exhibits where designed and built to match the ramshackle Victorian construction style of the Pirate Captain’s ship but still be robust enough for a life of hard use. The exhibition was initially installed in Thinktank in Birmingham before touring around the world.

Soil model

Built for The British Society of Soil Science to take on tour with them. Loosely based on the design I created for the Chelsea Flower Show, this interactive allows the visitor to crawl through the rabbit hole and see what lies beyond. This simple interactive can be easily dismantled to travel and reassembled for use. Inside you will find a detailed and tactile model of the soil structure with various inhabitants lurking within.

Festival of Nature

The Festival of nature is an annual event attracting visitors from all over the country and inviting them to have fun while learning about all things nature. We have designed and built several models to help explain and engage in the science behind the nature. An interactive flood map of the local area, operate the pump and watch the water rise. More water but this time a working model of the human bladder and kidneys.

Landguard Visitor Centre

Landguard Visitor Centre

The Landguard Visitor Centre is a new visitor centre focusing on the five attractions on Landguard Peninsula. It is packed with information about the Port of Felixstowe, Landguard fort and museum, the nature reserve and the bird observatory. We worked for WWT Consulting , who developed the content, we designed, built and installed a range of interactive exhibits and graphics. The whole exhibition was created to a very tight budget but still manages to vibrantly fill the space and engage visitors at this popular visitor centre