Soil model

Built for The British Society of Soil Science to take on tour with them. Loosely based on the design I created for the Chelsea Flower Show, this interactive allows the visitor to crawl through the rabbit hole and see what lies beyond. This simple interactive can be easily dismantled to travel and reassembled for use. Inside you will find a detailed and tactile model of the soil structure with various inhabitants lurking within.

Festival of Nature

The Festival of nature is an annual event attracting visitors from all over the country and inviting them to have fun while learning about all things nature. We have designed and built several models to help explain and engage in the science behind the nature. An interactive flood map of the local area, operate the pump and watch the water rise. More water but this time a working model of the human bladder and kidneys.

Investigate… Portable Science

Not everyone can visit a science centre so Investigate… Portable Science was created to take the science centre experience on the road. Exhibit sets can be formed from a pool of 24 different interactive exhibits themed around forces, energy and structures. Each set packs easily into a family car and and can be set up and running in minutes. Launch a ball using the power of hydrogen or look at the stresses in everyday objects; Examine the tiniest objects to the most massive; Work out how much energy you need to get through your day. Designed to be robust and portable yet still easy to use and engaging. I designed this set of interactives while working for At-Bristol. The creation of detailed engineering drawings and CAD models coupled with CNC manufacture allows for simple reproduction of each design. Dozens of copies have now been produced and can be found in science centres and schools around the world