Digital Interactives

We have built many digital interactives exhibits for science centres and museums. This style of exhibit can be a great way to interpret and explain complex concepts. To control these digital exhibits we try to move away from a touch screen and create a unique visitor experience. Almost everyone has access to a phone or an iPad so we like to create special and unique interfaces.


Tilt and twist the screen to explore the crime scene. Collect samples and take them to the lab for further investigation
ATO digital interactive game
Can you beat the automatic train operation? Play this Batak-style game and compare your best score to the computer
Caller Connections. Operate a life size model of a wartime telephone exchange. Use the telephone handset to listen to callers and connect them to the right person
pirate ship driving game
Steer a pirate ship and collect treasure. Based on the Aardman pirates film
How much DNA
How much DNA do you have? How does that compare to a zebrafish and other creatures? Pull out the long strip – as you pull, the screen scrolls to show animals with that length DNA
Lifi LED coffee table
A digital interactive exhibit embedded in a functional coffee table